A better
for our world

To carry on the action of our founder, we continue to commit ourself by developing social and environmental projects.
We understand as a brand that we have the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of all those with whom we interact – our employees, suppliers, customers, community and the environment. A consensus exists between responsible government, responsible businesses and responsible citizens to work together towards the goal of sustainability – economically and socially.

Our actions

The Roadsign school project

We care for the people

We are committed and determined to guarantee education to those children who’ll make the world a better place and protect nature!

We have opened primary schools in India in those regions where education doesn’t exist due to lack of means. Roadsign has helped open 7 schools already, but this is only the beginning.

The project

Roadsign supplies funds for the construction and ensure that all partners make the best use of it. For each project, we first have to choose the best place to settle a school and mobilize the local participants.

Modern equipment
and Nalli Kalli

We create school providing: bright classrooms with wide windows, pupil’s desks, outdoor games equipment, modern and clean toilets and kitchens. Our schools also have a large Nalli Kalli, a big room accommodating multiples classes, where the pupils are “learning by doing“.

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per class
Quote from Sridhar Chari “The aim is to preserve the potential of these kids, giving them means to become happy and responsible adults” Sridhar Chari

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Australian koala foundation

We protect endangered species


We are proud to be a partner of the Australian Koala Foundation the principal non-profit, non-government funded organisation dedicated to the effective management and conservation of the Koala and its habitat.

An urgent matter

The Australian Koala Foundation estimates that there are likely to be less than 80,000 Koalas remaining in Australia today and it could be as low as 43,000. Much of their habitat has already been lost.

The importance of habitat

Habitat loss is the greatest threat to Koalas. The main reasons for this are land clearing, bushfires and diseases of the eucalypts. The Australian Koala Foundation wants a Koala Protection Act, which means that Koala trees can’t be touched

Vulnerable species

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) regrets that the Koala’s status was updated from Vulnerable (2012) to Endangered in (2022) by the Australian Government. Unfortunately this changed nothing, and Koala populations are still rapidly declining

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of the koala's habitat has been destroyed


koala population are still rapidly declining


koalas are killed each year by car
Quote from Charles Darwin “The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man” Charles Darwin

Roadsign responsabilities

We develop Roadsign with sustainable ideas at heart


Roadsign is a brand born in the Australian bush, at the heart of the incredible nature. We have the responsibility to protect it.

We know the environmental impact of the clothing industry and it is our duty as an industry player to limit our footprint.

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Quote from The Roadsign Team “Together with our partners we integrate more and more sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester into our collections.” The Roadsign Team